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Yin Yoga- Chakra Balancing Workshop

This Yin Yoga class will begin with meditation to bring awareness to our breath and presence to our practice.  The rest of the class will be spent exploring each of the 7 Chakras one by one and moving into asanas that will help to balance each Chakra center.  There will be 2-3 poses for each Chakra center with each pose being held up to 5 minutes.

As we work through all 7 of the Chakras, I will explain what each one represents, the emotions and colors attached to each one, a mantra and mudra for each Chakra.  I will explain how each Chakra affects us when it is balanced and imbalanced.  Class will end with a long relaxing Savasana with Reiki healing for each participant.  Investment is $25 per participant with a maximum of 12. 

Teacher: KC 818-588-9227 / /

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