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Fine Tuning Your Practice

In our yoga classes we don’t always have the time to breakdown each pose, ask questions or experiment with variations of poses that we’ve always wanted to try.  In this workshop we will explore postures one at a time, offering general alignment as well as cues to fine-tune the posture to your body - finding your unique expression of each pose based on your direct experience.  We will also focus on finding presence within the pose rather than attaching to the outward appearance.  This is a wonderful opportunity for Svadhyaya (self-study)  of your alignment, breath, body awareness, subtle energy body and mindfulness.  It is important to remember that in addition to being students, we are all teachers too.  This workshop is an open forum so questions, personal insights and posture requests are encouraged and appreciated!  Each student will receive a practice guide detailing each planned posture for their personal use.  To better serve each student, this class is limited to 10.  $25/student

Focus for May - Revolved Postures (twists): Revolved postures improve digestive function, detoxify your body, help to keep the spinal muscles mobile, provide relief from back pain, increase energy, release tension and reduce stress.

Contact : Danielle 603-340-5495 / / 

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