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Safe & Sound - Sisters in Sound Healing-Asanas

Safe & Sound - Sisters in Sound Healing-Asanas
Saturday, July 20 from 10:30am - noon

Treat yourself to a nourishing yoga class geared toward energizing the body and healing the soul. Suitable for all levels of yoga practice. Join sisters, Susie Lowe-Stockwell, RYT and Kathy Lowe-Bloch, BSHS as they combine Hatha yoga with live, healing sounds. As Susie offers each asana, Kathy will enhance the experience with healing sounds resonating from bowls, drums, guitar, chimes, harmonium and voice.

Hatha Yoga is not just for people who are already “fit”. Yoga is for everyone who wants to check in with their body and allow time to open stuck places (emotional or physical), move past pain and breathe deeply from the crown of the head through the tips of your toes. When live sound is added into the body’s movement experience, the resonance surrounds and enters the body to enhance flow and vibrational alignment. The sounds can actually help to relax the body while forming into the pose. You can do what works for you and reap the full benefit of this 1 -1/2 hour class. Limited to 15 Students. Cost: $20.

Susie Lowe-Stockwell (established yoga teacher at Evergreen Healing Arts) has practiced yoga for several decades and following retirement in 2015, she completed a yoga teacher training certification in 2017. She found her commitment to her yoga practice to be extremely beneficial as she maneuvered her professional career and personal life. She incorporates gentle movement with traditional Hatha yoga asana and breath work to encourage body strength and a sense of well-being.

Kathy Lowe-Bloch, guest presenter has been offering Sound Healing for 30 years. She hosts a bi-weekly Sound Healing Drumming/Sharing Circle at her home in New London. Also, in the world of music, Kathy is a singer/songwriter/recording artist and photographer. Her style and vision, is to create a container of healing vibration where all who sound bathe together, are part of a sphere where comfort, inclusiveness, and healing resonate safety and inner peace.

Contact Susie: 603-927-4619 /

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