Meditation is a Mārga

Meditation is a Mārga

In meditation we aim to create an intentional and deliberate relationship with and understanding of the mind. We do this for many reasons. One is to calm our thoughts. Another is to learn to distinguish between the creations of the mind and the natural state (Pure Awareness).

True relaxation happens when the mind is more orderly.

When we bring the mind into a more orderly state, there also comes a deep state of relaxation. This allows us the quiet space to observe the vibrations of the mind more clearly. Over time we become more adept at viewing this incredible play of our human brains - without judgment and with deep compassion.

We often tell beginning meditators that, with practice, all the busy mind chatter goes away. This is true. But what we don’t usually mention is that it comes back. Again, and again. This is the nature of the human mind. And so, we continue to practice. Just as the sky has clouds, often beautiful clouds that give it depth and richness, the sky itself always remains undeterred, no matter how many clouds come and go. In meditation we train to identify with the sky – the ‘all of it’ - more often than we do with the clouds. The clouds remain, and this is no problem.

In meditation we wake up to our wholeness.

The discipline of meditation leads directly to a clearer understanding of what we are and what life is. It has the possibility of dismantling the basic grounds of illusion. The greatest illusion, being that there is something fundamentally wrong with us. Understanding of what we are, in this sense, doesn’t come from theory or speculation. It comes from the direct experience of being.

Meditation is a mārga, (the Sanskrit word for path), a lifelong journey into the highest states of Consciousness.

Meditation expands our awareness and, as it is an ongoing practice, continually shifts our perspective of and orientation in the world.  It requires courage, patience, perseverance, sincerity and commitment. On this journey we can predict detours, obstacles and setbacks. In fact, meditation is meant to be disruptive. It is the disruptions that encourage us to continue practicing.

Meditation is ultimately a solo endeavor. However, it is always helpful to be supported in community.

At Evergreen Healing Arts we are committed to offering many opportunities for learning and practicing meditation. We have an upcoming series that will focus entirely on the foundations of the practice and there are three specific classes on the schedule that highlight meditation, supported by the postural, physical aspect of yoga.

Waking Up To Wholeness: Foundations of Meditation

Mondays, September 16, 23, 30 from 6:45-8:15 pm 3-week series with Tara

Yoga & Meditation Classes

Sunday 9-10:30 am with Tara
Mondays 5:30-6:30 pm with Tara
Thursdays 9-10:15 am with Tara

Tara is a certified yoga and meditation practitioner. She is an authorized Shri Vidya guide under the tutelage and guidance of her Guru and teacher, Uma-Parvathinath Saraswati. Sri Vidya is an ancient and intricate science and practice, honoring the Divine Feminine. Meditation, mantra (the yoga of sound), and ritual are the practices of this path. Tara’s postural yoga training includes basic and advanced certification in Kripalu yoga and vinyasa flow yoga, Yoga4Cancer, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and in a variety of meditative lineages. With devotion and surrender, Tara offers yoga within its full and living context. The physical aspects of the practice serve deepening embodiment and preparation for meditation, all on the path of liberation.