Our mission is to provide a dedicated space for the community to cultivate wellness.

Our studio and office create a clean, clear and inviting atmosphere for all. Our supportive and skilled practitioners offer a variety of yoga classes, massage therapies, bodywork, and other natural health treatments and workshops.

We represent and promote a vision of holistic health practices being widely recognized as a viable and attainable way of life. Outreach supports many ongoing events at no cost to the community, such as meditation sessions, educational presentations, and open studio hours to encourage one’s own personal wellness practice. A work study program and collective efforts create accessibility to these offerings.

The name Evergreen represents a continuous renewal of energy found by living in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. Our region’s culture is being redefined through local actions finding lasting solutions for a healthier, more connected community. We are part of the growing movement to revive the old Bradford Inn into a collective hub of wellness. The first floor is alive with a local foods market and café providing a place for nourishment. The second floor is home to Evergreen and like-minded neighbors supporting the integrated health of our patrons and our planet. The third floor, yet to be developed, leaves room to grow. The future vision thrives with a pulse of well-being.